Fairmont, WV, Service Area

for Cheslock Insurance Agency

Affordable Insurance for Homeowners and Renters in WV

Homeowners turn to Cheslock Insurance in Marion County, WV. It is home to our Fairmont, WV, office, and we know the neighborhood well. When you need coverage for your home, or if you are renting your property, it is best to carry an adequate amount of coverage to protect you in the event of an unexpected loss. To find out if your coverage is sufficient, contact Cheslock Insurance Agency today.

Cheslock Insurance Agency Serves the Marion County Area

Cheslock Insurance is here for our customers, our neighbors throughout the Marion County area. Our agency is able to review the needs of our home policy customers to see if they are carrying enough coverage for all the changes they may have, and that coverage includes replacement costs. Cheslock agents know the importance of protecting home assets.

Insurance Agent for Mannington, Pleasant Valley, & Baxter, WV

Cheslock Insurance serves persons who rent property in the Mannington, Pleasant Valley, and Baxter areas of WV, too. Having the right policy can help protect you in the event of liability for an accident, or protect your valuables against theft or damage. We serve customers throughout Marion County and most of North-Central WV, so give us a call at (304) 366-4422.