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Affordable Farm Insurance for Property, Structures, and More

Cheslock Insurance Agency, an independent agency serving North-Central West Virginia, offers farm insurance covering a variety of farm groups in the area. Our agents will work with you to ensure your operation is covered with the right amount and type of policy for all the many facets of farming with which you involve yourself. We are also proud to offer equine insurance to farmers across the region. Call Cheslock Insurance Agency to discuss your options with one of our experts: (304) 366-4422.

Cheslock Insurance Agency Service in WV

Cheslock Insurance Agency serves the following types of farming businesses:

  • Animal Aquaculture (hatcheries and fish farms)
  • Beef Cattle Ranching & Farming
  • Crop Harvesting (including machines)
  • Dairy Cattle & Milk Production
  • Farm Labor Contractors & Crew Leaders (harvesting crews)
  • Farm Management Services
  • Food Crops Grown Under Cover
  • Hog and Pig Farming
  • Horses and Other Equine Production
  • Nursery & Floriculture Production
  • Oilseed and Grain Farming
  • Post-harvest Crop Activities
  • Poultry and Egg Production Farms
  • Sheep and Goat Farming
  • Vegetable and Melon Farming
  • …And much more!

Coverage for Farm Insurance

Cheslock Insurance will review what aspects of the farm require coverage, and can tailor that coverage to not only handle the types of exposures and risks you have, but save you money by not carrying things your farm may not need. Check out these coverage differences:

Farm Property Coverage:
Includes protection of dwelling and household personal property, farm personal property, equine insurance, plus barns, stables, silos, and other structures, such as additional living expenses, and farm equipment.

Farm Liability Coverage:
Protects against injury and property damage, medical payments, advertising injury and farm pollution, including: bodily injury and property damage, medical payments, personal and advertising injury, and limited farm pollution.

Comfort Coverage:
Protects regarding ordinance or law, borrowed farm machinery, livestock insurance, private power, light poles, TV antennas, towers, and satellite dishes.

Property-Optional Coverage:
Increases the amount of property coverage your farm insurance program provides, by selecting from any number of additional coverages, including:

  • Backup of Sewers, Sump Pumps, and Drains
  • Barns, Outbuildings, & Confinement Structures
  • Borrowed Farm Machinery – Additional Limits
  • Earthquake
  • Equine Expanded Coverage Endorsement (Equine Insurance)
  • Expanded Property Coverage Endorsement
  • Expanded Replacement Cost for Dwellings
  • Farm Earnings & Extra Expenses
  • Farm Personal Property During Peak Season
  • High-value Home Endorsement
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Reproductive Materials Coverage
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Farm Personal Property
  • Special Causes of Loss on Household Personal Property
  • Spoilage Coverage
  • Suffocation of Poultry & Livestock
  • Theft of Building Materials

Liability-Optional Coverages:

Extend your liability insurance coverages to include exposures specific to your farm, including:

  • Animal Care, Custody, & Control
  • Business Activities
  • Custom Farming
  • Employers Liability Insurance (where applicable)
  • Equine Activities
  • Recreational Vehicles

Contact our agency for a comprehensive review of your farm insurance needs.