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Independent Insurance Agent in Fairmont, WV

Meet the Agents at Cheslock Insurance Agency

Bryan Cheslock leads the team of insurance professionals at Cheslock Insurance Agency. Bryan has been serving the community’s local insurance needs since 1991. For over two decades, customers have relied on Bryan Cheslock for outstanding service and responsiveness.

Locally Owned, Independent Agents With Customer Service

Roxanne has worked with Bryan for the past four years, also meeting the insurance needs of the community. Together they form the customer service team at Cheslock Insurance. They do the work of underwriting policies, reviewing customer requests at no charge, responding with information on how best to adjust your levels of coverage, and saving customers money with affordable policies that meet their needs.

Cheslock Insurance’s Community Connection

To keep in touch with the community directly, Bryan also spends his Saturdays with the local farmer’s market, in Morgantown, WV. This connection supports his relationship with the needs of the farming community when it comes to the realities of insurance coverage.

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